CTI Africa is breaking new ground in Uganda with its Buikwe project, a deployment of a smart village solution for people in Uganda that will jumpstart the local economy, increase employment and greatly improve the quality of life for residents. By leveraging data, Buikwe Project will be providing tailor made solutions to the people of Buikwe in the areas of agriculture, insurance, education and health.

Families in Buikwe spend upto $20 a month to access unclean energy( charcoal), unclean water,limited healthcare, and no electricity. Our solution will solve these challenges through providing telemedicine, microfinance, smart agriculture, solar power, insurance, internet connectivity andclean water at only $8 a month. For the start, it will cover 7 villages, and approximately 1500households as we expand to other communities.

“We are looking at financial inclusion and economic empowerment with the Buikwe Project”
-Michael Landau - CEO CTI AFRICA

AFRICAThe LifeMobile phone, with its special features in healthcare,mobile banking, insurance,microfinance and education, will be a big contributor to the success of the Buikwe Project. Thephones will be handed to households and individuals can pay for them overtime, come firstquarter of 2019.

In addition, CTI AFRICA has signed partnership agreements with Jubilee Insurance,Jumia UGANDA, Gat3Way Talent, and National Enterprise Corporation.Partnering with these companies will strengthen CTI AFRICA’s base in Uganda by creating numerous job opportunities for Ugandans, & boosting the economic status of the country through its lead projects LifeMobile and Buikwe Project.

From Left to Right​​. ​James Ovon(EcoBank), Brian Nkurunungi(Crystal), Emmanuel Mwesigye(MTN), James Mwesigwa(UPMB), Daniel Buturo (Gat3way Talent), Col. Fred Mwesigye, Doron M(Isreal Rescue), Jude Kugonza(Jumia), Jacinta Olweny(Innovation Africa),Patricia Amujal (Jubilee Insurance)

“Buikwe Project is not only ground breaking, but with this, Uganda, is meeting the Sustainable Development Goals of No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health & Well Being, QualityEducation,Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and C lean Energy,Decent Work andEconomic Growth. We may not achieve all of them at once, but this is a start.” - AmbassadorAmin Mawji Aga Khan Development Network,

Mr. Daniel Nsaba Buturo stated "Assisting investors in investing in Uganda via supporting them with their HR needs, for example, finding the best talent for their needs, is a service thatGAT3WAY Talent provides with joy. GAT3WAY Talent are pleased to be partnering with CTIAfrica in their endeavours of job creation"

“We are happy to be partners with CTI AFRICA in empowering the less privileged in the society to be able to access this benefits through the smart mobile phone that CTI AFRICA has designed.” -Patricia Amujal Jubilee Insurance Representative.

Uganda is at a place where the technology and knowledge to provide better living solutions is possible, the Buikwe Project is making this a reality.